Person holding plans

Senior Quantity Surveyor and Project Manager

Before I joined South Gloucestershire Council I worked for English Heritage as a Project Manager, where I helped in the repair and conservation of its historical buildings. I’m now part of the Design Team in Property Services and have been here nearly two years. I manage a range of different building projects; working from initial concept and design stage, through procurement of contractors and finally managing projects through to completion.

New challenges

My job is extremely varied, fast paced and often challenging, with both tight deadlines and budgets. An average day can involve managing a design team project meeting, writing tender evaluation reports and drafting agendas. There will also be additional meetings with other internal departments, external consultants, stakeholders and clients, as well as site visits. Much of my time goes on solving complex problems and strategies, which can be both hugely rewarding and highly stressful.

Making a difference

The success of Property Services relies heavily on the relationships within the individual teams. I take pride in being a Project Manager, but ultimately a well-executed project that has been accomplished to time, cost and quality, is always a team effort.

One of the most important things for me as a Project Manager, is to help achieve a happy team that communicates effectively and efficiently, and can work cohesively to solve problems that mean a successful scheme completion. I can really see the difference I make through my job. I can look at buildings, parks and other projects I’ve worked on and see people enjoying using them.


When a project is completed I enjoy sitting with clients that I have come to consider as friends and looking back at the stages of the project. This helps me to learn from my mistakes, but also derives an immense sense of satisfaction. And I enjoy being part of a team that works towards creating a better community for our area.

I love working for South Gloucestershire Council and it’s a great place to work at any stage in your career, offering lots of opportunity and flexibility. Although a busy environment, it’s an inspiring and supportive one, and can help you to build on your skills to progress and/or diversify your career.

Not only do I feel that I make a difference by supporting staff who have vital roles in our community, but in fixing their problems, I’m enabling them to potentially help a child, or an elderly person in need.

Great support

As well as working within a friendly, helpful team, the organisation is also very supportive. They have a good mental health support system, flexible working hours and the leave is pretty good too!