Person with a headset on sat by a computer

IT Officer

I joined the council as a temp for 12 weeks and I’m still here after 24 years! In that time I’ve enjoyed working across a number of different departments including legal, land charges, business support and the One Stop Shop and modern records, before joining the ICT team.

New challenges

I support end users with anything relating to their computers, so the challenge is to work out what their problem is and resolve it quickly. I might have an easy request like adding access to a mailbox, to a more complex job like having to re image a PC, which involves wiping it and re-installing everything. I like the fact that each day is different and the real feeling of satisfaction when I help resolve an issue.

Making a difference

I’m also involved in the deployment of mobile working solutions to help us work more efficiently. This has included a Windows XP to Windows7 migration project and we’re currently rolling out Windows10.

Not only do I feel that I make a difference by supporting staff who have vital roles in our community, but in fixing their problems, I’m enabling them to potentially help a child, or an elderly person in need.


As well as working within a friendly, helpful team, the organisation is also very supportive. They have a good mental health support system, flexible working hours and the leave is pretty good too!