Health and social care worker sat with a family

Occupational Therapist

I’m an Occupational Therapist working with adults and their carers to help them find ways to participate fully in life.

Making a difference

I work with people with a range of physical and sometimes mental challenges. My job is to really get to know them and find out what they want to achieve from life. I’ll then work with colleagues across the council and in the wider health and housing sector, thinking creatively about what measures might best meet their needs in a proportionate way, enabling them to live more fulfilling, independent lives.

For some this might mean quite simple changes, but I’ve also worked with people over a number of years overseeing wholescale changes to their living environment. What’s great is being able to see the difference we make.

Teamwork and support

What’s great at South Gloucestershire Council is the empowering leadership and the positive relationships we have with local partners. It’s a really supportive and inclusive organisation with a great team ethos.

We get regular supervision and we’re encouraged to take up training and development opportunities. Plus, there’s a good range of flexible working options, so I can balance my work and home life.